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A Zoom Room

A Zoom Room is a file transfer command that can transport individuals from system to system at great speed. They are small square rooms propelled by a blue energy beam. The outside looks like a computer chip. They require both systems to be online with the Net in order to transport from one to the next. The only Zoom Rooms seen in operation were sent from the Super Computer. They are incapable of transporting more than a few people.

A Zoom Room landing

When the Super Virus Daemon infected the Super Computer, the Guardians' keytools left them. Without the little devices the Guardians were incapable of forming portals for Daemon, and she did not possess the ability to create them herself. They began using Zoom Rooms to rapidly move personnel from system to system. If a larger force was needed they would send the Guardian Armada.

A Zoom Room entering the Super Computer

A small team of Guardians were sent in a Zoom Room to the Desert Port System to search for Guardian 452, a.k.a. Bob. They had detected Glitch, as well as Enzo Matrix's icon and the code that was downloaded from Bob's icon. (The Episode With No Name)

A Zoom Room's energy tail

After Daemon discovered Bob in Mainframe she had Daecon send a Zoom Room to the system to bring him to her. The Zoom Room succeeded in catching Bob, but the virus Hexadecimal thought it was rude to interrupt her conversation and used her powers to transport Bob back and sent Mike the TV with the Zoom Room instead. (Daemon Rising)

A Zoom Room entering a system

Daemon ordered that Matrix and AndrAIa be brought to her. A small fight broke out between the two sprites and the Guardians, and she sent a Zoom Room to bring them to the Super Computer. A portal to Mainframe opened just as the Zoom Room arrived and AndrAIa managed to push Matrix into the portal but was caught by the Zoom Room herself. She was transported to the Super Computer and infected by Daemon. (Cross Nodes)

Daemon eventually breached Mainframe's defenses and infected the system. Immediately after, she wanted the city's leaders to be reunited with their friends and family that had already been infected. A Zoom Room quickly arrived delivering Matrix, AndrAIa, Mike, and Mouse to the Principal Office. (Sacrifice)


  • Zoom Rooms are a form of video conferencing over the internet.