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A Zip Board

Zip Boards are small hover boards made of two flat disks connected by a metal bar. They are extremely common, used in almost every system on the Net. Zip boards require energy dispersed through out a system to function. If a city is powered down any zip board currently in use will have no power and cannot operate. (Gigabyte)

Bottom of a Zip Board

The lower side of a zip board will glow yellow when in use. They can only go so high in a system's sky until the lower side turns red. They may burn out if they are forced to go too high. (Trust No One)

Zip Board going too high

Zip boards were Enzo Matrix's favorite way to travel when he was a kid. When Bob's Car failed to run he would use a zip board to get around Mainframe. Dot Matrix used to have a car, but she stopped using it early on and completely relied on zip boards to get around.

Enzo once changed the processing speed of Mainframe by using the Clock Speed Room. Everyone in the city mentally slowed down and couldn't operate most of the world they lived in. Dot Matrix was confused by zip boards and initially thought they were hats and began selling them. (Enzo the Smart)

After Dot's Diner was destroyed, Cecil used a zip board to get around.

People on Zip Boards

Using a design from the Super Computer, Enzo used two zip boards and modified them into a lightweight 2-seater Air Kart. (Bad Bob)

Pirate's Zip Boards

The pirates of the Saucy Mare used a wooden looking zip board to move to and from the ship. They do not seem to require power from a city to operate. Perhaps their power is gained from the ships power generators. (The Crimson Binome)

Hexadecimal melted all transport including zip boards when she infected the system paint program. (Painted Windows)

During the early days of the Viral Wars, Enzo Matrix, AndrAIa, and Mouse were on zip boards heading into a Game Cube together. Because AndrAIa and Mouse's icons were untested, and they could get trapped in the Game, AndrAIa stole Mouse's zip board to keep her from entering the Game. That way only one of them took the risk for the first try of their new icons. (Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place)

Interestingly, Little Enzo found a secondary use for zip boards, when Phong advised to watch up on older 'True Stories of Mainframe' in the Read-Only Room the small Sprite positioned his right next to large VidWindow, sitting on one disc like a hovering comfortable chair. (Cross Nodes)

Bob also used a zip board in this fashion when he examined information from the Archives after Mouse hacked into the system for him. (Life's a Glitch)


  • The zip board is possibly a reference of a Zip Drive or a .zip filetype used to compress a file or files in to a fraction of their size.