Yanick Wilisky

Yanick Wilisky was a Senior Animator in ReBoot season three.

His education started at 'ICARI' where he studied in 3D Animation from 1994 to 1995, During which Yanick was selected for the creation and opening of 6 categories presentation for "Images Du Futur" in their 9th International Computer Animation Competition. He familiarized himself with software packages like Softimage 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Electric Image.

Yanick began his professional training as a CG Animator with 'Fantome' during summer 1995, the privately held company responsible for the CGI TV Series "Insektors" employing 11-50 people in the entertainment industry. After this experience he became CG Animator / Character Design with 'Double Trace', a privately held business in the Computer Games industry. After 7 months work he obtained skills to produce pose-to-pose animation; modeled props and characters; designed props, sets, color panels and textures.

In May 1996 he joined Mainframe Entertainment Inc., as a Senior Animator in the public company, which at the time, was employing somewhere between 51 and 200 employees. There he worked on "Beast Wars: Transformers" Season 1 and soon afterwards ReBoot's third season. Wilisky was responsible for producing 30 sec. of approved animation per week; modeling and building sets/props for shots; generating special effects, along with lighting, rendered and archived every shot to tape.

During this year Yanick resumed his education and enrolled in 'Traditional Animation Level' taught by Tara Donavan at Capilano College. He completed these courses in VanArts after passing 'Traditional Animation Level 2' with Lee Mishkin. In Mainframe Entertainment he also undertook an 'Introduction to Molding and Sculpting' organized by Gideon Hay.

After September 1997 Yanick left Mainframe to assume CG Supervisor for 'Hybride' in the Motion Pictures and Film industry. During his long career there, Yanick animated and supervised commercials, several TV Series and over 20 films project, helping produce many films between October 1997 and February 2007 such as "Nico the Unicorn" (1997); "The Faculty" (1997-1998); "The Art of War" (1999); "Spy Kids" (2000-2001); "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" (2004); "Racing Stripes" (2004-2005); "Sin City" (2004-2005); "Aurore" (2005); "Snakes on a Plane" (2005); "300" (2006) and "Martyrs" (2007).

Once finished with Hybride Yanick became the VFX Producer for 'Buzz Image Group' within the entertainment industry.

As of August 2007, he is presently one of three founding members of 'MODUS FX' in Quebec, Canada. A company that provided services in VFX breakdown, supervision and production in Digital Cinematography and creature shop. His specialties include Project Management and Asset Database, Script Breakdown and Bidding Evaluation, CG Supervision, Production Calendar and Pipeline Setup. As VFX producer, Wilisky oversees all VP Production there.

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