Mr. Mitchels Yaught

Mr. Mitchell's Yacht

Yachts are pleasure boats, often owned by private individuals, used to leisurely sail energy seas. Several yachts are owned by the rich of Mainframe, they are usually docked in the ports of Beverly Hills sector.

Mr. Mitchell owns a small white yacht where he entertains some of his high society friends. Although the small pleasure craft is no where near the largest ship in Mainframe, it is by far the fastest.


Yacht and Saucy Mare

When software pirates of the Saucy Mare looted Mainframe, Phong authorized Dot Matrix to commandeer Mr. Mitchell's yacht to chase the pirate ship. Mr. Mitchell argued the issue with Dot, stating that there were larger ships in the harbor, but Dot told him they needed speed more than size. The little ship quickly caught up with the larger pirate ship, but soon realized they were out gunned. Dot took Mr. Mitchell's sailing hat and attempted to bluff, saying she was an admiral. They managed to get close to the Saucy Mare because Bob was on board the pirate ship and had disabled most of their weapons. The two crews engaged in hand-to-hand combat, Mr. Mitchell and his friends got into the action and fun of the chase and following fight.

The CPU crew lost the fight, but Dot was able to convince Captain Capacitor that commerce was more profitable than piracy. He set them free and the Saucy Mare and the yacht returned to Mainframe together. (The Crimson Binome)

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