System Loaded Into Mainframe
User Form Wrestler
Genre Wrestling
Winner System Wins
Appearance What's Love Got To Do With It?
List of Games.

Wrestling is a Game the User has loaded into Mainframe.

The Game is a basic professional wrestling match. With a caged ring and all the characters are dressed in professional wrestling outfits. There are few rules on how brutal a person can be. The Game also comes with two male announcers voices to monitor that match.


Matrix with the User down

Matrix was caught in this Game soon after Mainframe had lost AndrAIa to the infection of the Super Virus Daemon. He was extremely angry and took everything he had out on the User character and the Game Sprites, leaving the commentators mortified. (What's Love Got To Do With It?)


  • The name of this Game was not given on screen, it is simply named Wrestling here because of its bases on professional wrestling.
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