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ReBoot Character
Wise One
Format Binome, Command.COM
First Appearance Icons
Hobby Chatting, system repair
Catchphrase "They call me Wise One. The One, I understand, the Wise, I'm not so sure about"
Voice Actor Ian James Corlett
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Wise One is an old one binome and leader of a Damaged System. He lives in his system's Principal Office where he is the keeper of the Core and system administrator. He is all that's left of the original Command System.

He will tell people his name and then say he understands the One, the Wise he's not so sure about. Wise One talks with a Yiddish accent and walks with a cane.

As his system was continuously damaged by Games and a Praying Mantis Virus, he continued to keep it operating, even with the rest of the command system personnel being nullified.

When Matrix and AndrAIa were downloaded into the system by a Game Cube Wise One offered them several goods in payment to stay as their protectors. Matrix and AndrAIa said no, but offered to train as many of his people as would volunteer.

Wise One working in the systems operating center

After training five binomes and a sprite to fight and win a Game, Matrix and AndrAIa left with the Cube. Wise One prepared some system repair plans and the systems sky turned from dull brown to bright blue. (Icons)


  • The Wise One's eye cube has a section extruding from the back, unlike other one binomes and similar to a Numeral.