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Wild West
System Loaded Into Mainframe
User Form Wild West Outlaw
Genre Race
Winner System Wins
Appearance High Code
List of Games.

Wild West is a Game the User has loaded into Mainframe.

The goal is to stop the User from stealing a train before it reaches the final station. The train does not stop at other stations for the oher players to get on.

User, Wild West Outlaw

Bob entered the Game with a Code Master named Lens. His goal was to lose the Game and nullify the powerful Code Master to keep him from harming Mainframe. Lens had agreed to enter the Game when Bob told him that this mere Game was far more powerful than a Code Master or anything else.

Bob rebooted

Lens had placed a time-lock on Glitch earlier, but agreed to remove it when the entered the Game. When Lens tried, his Gibson Coil Pike would not function in the Game. They got close to the engine, and Bob stopped Lens. The User pulled a pin out of the train detaching the engine from the train. Bob prepared to be nullified but heard a scream from he engine- it was Enzo. Bob used his lasso to jump to the engine and pulled the bow tie off the User, deleting him and winning the Game.

This is the first Game that Lens had ever encountered. (High Code)


  • The name of this Game was never given on screen. Due to the fact that this Game is based on a basic old west format the article was given the name Wild West.