The Web Suit

The Web Suit is an environmental suit made from dead Web Creatures designed specifically to protect its wearer from the hostile environment of the Web. The Web Suit is a one-piece garment, which also features a helmet fashioned from Web Creature remains or other covering for the head. The suit is completely sealed from the Web.

The surrounding environment of the Web is especially dangerous to data beings from the Net, and anyone trapped in this plane of Cyberspace would slowly start degrading. Anyone lost in the Web or abducted by a creature will soon transform into a 'Degraded Sprite'. These beings like the Web Riders can survive the Web and even use the Creatures that thrive like beasts of burden, but at a terrible cost. Their prolonged exposure to this hostile place gradually removes all physical evidence they ever were an inhabitant of the Net, until at last the person resembles a Web Creature themselves.

Matrix, AndrAIa and Matrix were on the run from a system controlled by Daemon and so joined forces with Captain Gavin Capacitor and his crew of data pirates. They needed to find a path back to Mainframe which had closed and locked Net ports since it had lost its system Guardian, Bob, following the Web War. In order to reach the sealed system they needed to venture into the Web in the Saucy Mare and search for Bob.


Matrix wearing the suit

They knew Bob should still be alive, even without Glitch since a Guardian previously joined with a Key Tool has a complex enough code to resist the Web's effects. However, the Web was a vast, formless, continuous flow of energy and data, and finding the lost Guardian was no simple task. To make matters worse, AndrAIa had been injured earlier by a baby Web Creature, which not only stole her energy but a piece of her code as well and she would soon decompile without it. Matrix was determined to find the creature and recover her code, regardless of the risk.

Captain Capacitor knew he couldn't stop Matrix from exposing himself to the Web, so had his crew fashion a suit for him out of dead creatures from the Edge of Beyond that they used to protect the Saucy Mare with. Donning the suit Matrix pursued the creature relentlessly, which angered the Web Riders who surprise attacked him. Matrix nearly was deleted in a data storm, but saved just in time by Ray Tracer. (The Edge of Beyond)

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