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ReBoot Character
Web Riders
Format Web Riders
First Appearance The Edge of Beyond
Hobby Herding Web Creatures
Catchphrase "Sqeak"
Voice Actor N/A
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The Web Riders are a group of people that live in the Web. They have the same dark scales as a Web Creature does. Some have tall thin heads and bodies, while others are short and portly. A few have fangs. Web Riders communicate in a series of high-pitched tones. It's suggested that they were former sprites, horribly deformed by the web due to lack of protection.

The Web Riders herd the Web Creatures that are found in abundance in the Web. It is unknown what they use the creatures for. They ride a small version of the Web Creatures while herding the larger ones.

Web Rider herding Web Creatures

Web Rider Worpan on Creature

Web Riders have a code of honor, if their helmets are knocked off during a fight they are dishonored by the opponent. They do not take kindly to people from the Net entering the Web especially if they bother the creatures they're herding. When they attack a large target they will often herd the larger creatures toward it, who will automatically attack the target.

Web Rider Weblash

The Riders sometimes eat a small black Web Slug. The creature is alive at the time and many say they don't like the way it wiggles all the way down. Eating one proves you are a warrior.

Web Rider Warkor

When Bob was shot into the Web he encountered the Web Riders. They apparently decided to help him and take him into their ranks. When the Saucy Mare came to the Web the Riders attacked it and nearly won. Bob was able to call off the attack saving the ship's crew. When the Mare arrived at the Web Address of Mainframe it was attacked by several traps laid by Mouse to protect Mainframe's location. The Web Riders tried to protect the Mare until a powerful shield went up around the Mare and the Tear. The Web Riders were trapped outside the shield and were unable to help the ship any further. Luckily Bob was able to create the portal and the Mare safely left the Web.


  • The high pitched tones the Web Riders speak with is the same as the original dial-tone sounds of a computer connecting to the internet.
  • Concept illustrations by Brendan McCarthy in the Art of ReBoot give their names as Warkor, Waxval, Weblash, Worpan, and Woveran