Web Egg

Web Egg

Web Eggs are small spherical objects from the Web, that Web Creatures hatch from. They are typically covered in blue scales, and are attached to other eggs by pinkish tendrils. The shell of a web egg is somewhat transparent, giving the baby inside a limited view of the outside world. When it comes time for the baby Web Creature to hatch, the egg will open by splitting at the top, somewhat like a flower. Immediately upon hatching, the creature is capable of flight and stabilizing tears into portals.

Web Egg hatching


Oddly, Web Eggs are capable of existing for periods of time in the Net without care. Most Web Creatures cannot exist in the Net for a long time without feeding off of energy from native Net creatures. The eggs appear to be able to protect the baby from the Net's environment. If the egg hatches in the Net, the new baby will immediately try to find the closest tear to turn it into a portal to the Web an go home.

While in the Edge of Beyond, the crew of the Saucy Mare was using the bodies of dead Web Creatures in the area to cover the ship with a protective shielding. AndrAIa found a web egg in the debris, and was fascinated with it. Ray Tracer tried to warn her of the danger, but the egg hatched and the baby creature quickly popped out and bit AndrAIa on the arm, draining some of her energy and code. It then quickly flew toward the large tear in the area and escaped into the Web. (The Edge of Beyond)

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