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In her original form, she was a humanoid form with a blank face with only eyes. After accidentally gaining a human body, she resembled a teenage girl.


Vera is able to access the internet with her mind and was able to modify the register of Alan Turing High on the spot to enable her to become a student.

She was also able to detect when a device has been compromised as shown when the Sourcerer hacked one of the phones. She was also able to download apps in order to feel emotions but became detrimental to her when the emotions were overloading.

Being new to being outside cyberspace, VERA has little to no knowledge of the outside world.


  • VERA has shown empathetic feelings towards Alyx, who was an AI dedicated to help humans, and was crushed at the thought of the reputation of Alyx was compromised due to being hacked and controlled by the Sourcerer