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Viral Erase Command

A Viral Erase Command is a small piece of equipment designed to erase low grade viruses. The command is shaped like a pink eraser and has it's name printed on the side. This is a somewhat primitive piece of equipment and is not seen much anymore. The Super Computer has far more advanced technology to deal with viruses, however, Mainframe has a far more limited arsenal and the Viral Erase Command is the best it can do to deal with viral infections. The command was kept in a file drawer in the Mainframe Armory.

Viral Erase Command with add-on

Hexadecimal unleashed the powerful Medusa Bug on Mainframe, beginning to turn the city to stone. Bob asked Phong for several advanced weapons, but the old sprite informed the Guardian that the small system only had the viral erase command to offer. Bob mentioned that it was somewhat primitive, but if they increased it's power with an add-on it might do the trick, crude, but effective.

Trying to erase the Medusa Bug

After attaching the add-on to the V.E.C. Bob flew out over the infected section of the city. Hexadecimal saw the Guardian approaching the area and at first was worried, but when she saw the little erase command she was rather amused, and said it would be very interesting. Bob threw the command down on the stone sector and the device went to work. A large orange flash exploded and grew, reversing the infection over several city blocks, but it quickly lost power and the Medusa easily over came the tiny command. The energy of the V.E.C. very quickly shrank to nothing. (The Medusa Bug)

Later on Mainframe developed more effective ways of dealing with viruses.