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Video Athlete
System Loaded Into Mainframe
User Form Team of Four Athletes
Genre Sports Competition
Winner System Wins
Appearance Enzo the Smart
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Video Athlete is a game the User has loaded into Mainframe.

The User has a team of four characters, and the Mainframers must play as a team to compete. The game is a series of events where the players must build up as many points as they can. These scores determine the starting positions in the final, winner-take-all event, the Eliminator. Whichever team wins the Eliminator, wins the game.

User's team

Enzo was trapped in this game after he had slowed down the system's clock speed. Everyone else caught inside was processing at a very low speed and were unable to comprehend the game's rules. Mike the TV was also caught in the game; he rebooted as the newscaster running the news blimp over the arena.

Enzo's team

Enzo rebooted as coach, to his frustration, and watched helplessly from the sidelines as the User's team creamed his team in event after event. Some of the events included the shot put, basketball, and the pole vault.

Bob helping Enzo

Dot and binomes "helping" the User

Finally, in an act of desperation, Enzo decided to do the final event, The Eliminator, himself. The Eliminator is a marathon run through an obstacle course. The User got a head start because Enzo's team performed so badly. During his attempt, he was being impeded by his teammates, who believed that they were helping him. Enzo eventually decided to transfer all of them to the User's team so that he could have a chance at winning. Enzo's former teammates succeed in "helping" the User so much that Enzo managed to win the Eliminator, and win the game.