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A VidWindow

VidWindows are flat screens that float in mid-air used primarily for communication. They are one of the most widely used forms of technology in the Net. Some VidWindows have touch screens on them to control equipment and software. Almost every system ever seen throughout the series uses VidWindows for communication and controlling equipment.

The Principal Office Pinnacle Windows

The Principal Office can activate six massive VidWindows around itself facing all of Mainframe. They are called the Pinnacle Windows and are used for system wide announcements. Phong uses them during system upgrades and during city emergencies. Megabyte and the Code Master Lens have both used the Pinnacle Windows to threaten Mainframe. (ReBoot: Countdown to Chaos) (Infected) (Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus)

Bob doesn't use VidWindows that often, he usually uses Glitch's screen to communicate with others. Hexadecimal doesn't use VidWindows either, she prefers her Looking Glass to communicate with.

VidWindows are not very tough. When struck by something they can destabilize and vanish. Once, Bob flew through a VidWindow causing it rippled and vanished. However, if they are hit with less force the front of the window can crack, rendering it useless. A VidWindow used on the Saucy Mare was struck by a bolt and the front of the window cracked. (Quick and the Fed) (The Edge of Beyond)

VidWindow destabilizing

Large VidWindow over Giedi Prime

Megabyte used a massive VidWindow to tell the inhabitants of one of Giedi Prime's sub-sectors that their struggle for independence was over and he had taken control of their PIDs. (Identity Crisis, Part 1)

The information stored in Mainframe's Archives is all stored on VidWindows. There are hundreds of windows arranged in lines circling the massive archive. The information in the Archives can be accessed from a large horizontal VidWindow in the Read-Only Room inside the Principal Office. (When Games Collide) (Enzo the Smart)

Communication black-out

Cracked VidWindow

Hexadecimal infected the system paint program and to make sure she wouldn't be stopped she created a communications black-out. Any communication device, such as VidWindows, Dot's Organizer, and Glitch, were immediately painted over in black paint when they were activated. (Painted Windows)

VidWindow delivery system

In addition to communicating with people, there is a special type of 'interface' VidWindow used for sending small packages or parcels that, through exclusive business call numbers, can mail orders across Mainframe instantly. While these are normally used for commercial purposes, Megabyte and his viral spies have often used them in the delivery of bombs or other equipment. Due to limitations, they can only teleport small objects whilst connected to one caller. Megabyte had Hack and Slash mail a package to Hexadecimal using Enzo's newly established delivery service, which was a Delete Command cleverly disguised to look like a mask. (Racing the Clock)

The second time such an interface VidWindow was used was when Megabyte's spies transported a compressed carrier to Al's Diner while trying to reach the Super Computer. (The Great Brain Robbery)