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V3 Bike

The V3 Bike is a small, fast motor bike sold in Mainframe. They are very reliable and do not commonly have many engine problems. The V3 Bike is somewhat hard to come by, they sometimes have to be bought through collectors.

Bob getting the bike

The Biker Binome managed to get a beautiful red V3 Bike for Bob to replace his perpetually broken 262 Convertable. Bob was extremely impressed by the bike. The Biker remarked that it would give him less trouble than the car, and Bob rebutted that the 262 is a classic.

The Bike melting

Hexadecimal broke into the system Archives and infected the system Paint Program. She then proceeded to literally paint the city. In the process she blacked out all communication and melted all forms of transport, such as zip boards, and Bob's brand new V3 Bike. He was very unhappy as he watched the beautiful red bike melt into a puddle.

The Bike was restored along with the rest of Mainframe when the paint was undone. However, Bob was to attached to his classic car and sold the bike. (Painted Windows)