Just for fun, I'm trying to figure out how tall everyone is.  Not number-value heights (though I'd love those, if anyone has any ideas), but how tall everyone is relative to the other characters.

I was going to start with Matrix and then compare everyone to him, since he's such a huge and distinctive height.  But before I get started, I wanted to ask if the characters have somewhat consistent heights on this show or if they vary wildly.  Or if they have two "regular" heights (like Iroh on Avatar: The Last Airbender).

From the few visual references I've checked, Bob is shoulder-height to Matrix to Matrix in "Mousetrap" but more like eye-height in "Megaframe."  In the same ep, Dot seems to be more like shoulder-height to Matrix and so shorter than Bob, as she's been other times (though in "End Program", she's shoulder-height to Bob (and chin-height and eye-height), so the heights don't all work together).  AndrAIa is definitely also shoulder-high to Matrix in some eps - in "End Program" she's both eye-height and shoulder-height in different shots.

It's difficult to tell, but Tracer appears to be shorter than AndrAI in "End Program" (they aren't exactly lined up, so I'm not positive) when he was a least a couple inches taller in "Return of the Crimson Binome."

So, upon review, I've learned the character do not each have one consistent height.  Do they have a couple each?  Does it vary wildly?  Are there accepted relative heights within the fandom?  Any help would be much appreciated.

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