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A Unit

A Unit is a form of currency on the Net used in most systems.

A binome was seen paying for drinks with a unit at the Sibedar in the Desert Port System.

After Daemon took over the Super Computer and the Guardian Collective a 10,000 Unit reward was offered for the capture of the Crimson Binome, deleted or compiled. This reward was advertised on a large blimp and on advertisement VidWindows in the Desert Port System. The reward was also being offered for the capture of the Crimson Binomes first mate, Mr. Christopher. He suggested that they might simply turn themselves in so that they can collect the reward. Mr. Christopher believed this would be the only way to turn a profit in the system. (The Return of the Crimson Binome)


  • Units is a cross-platform computer program for conversion of units of quantities. It has a database of measurements, including esoteric and historical measurements.