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The Union of B.C. Performers (UBCP) is a trade union in the Province of British Columbia and the B.C. Branch of the ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists). UBCP is dedicated to protecting the rights of professional performers to fair remuneration and the fundamental respect for their craft and artistry. The Union helped Mainframe Entertainment Inc to co-produce ReBoot Seasons one through four.

The contribution made by UBCP members to the quality of the B.C. film industry is significant. It has led to strong membership support and participation in the decision-making process, both on the local and national levels. The trade union driven by that membership participation in their commitment to local control, fiscal responsibility and the accessibility of the Executive Board, which is elected from the membership. UBCP's dedicated staff implement the decisions made by the membership to ensure they are truly responsive to their members.

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