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Ultra-High Density Near-Field Time Lock Mechanism

An Ultra-High Density Near-Field Time Lock Mechanism is a very powerful energy field that can be used to seal anything and keep it from being used. Code Masters can create them using their Gibson Coil Pike. They will often use Near-Field Time Locks to disable the smaller weapons of an enemy so that they cannot interfer with the Code Masters activities.

Near-Field Time Locks are capable of even sealing a Guardian Key Tool, rendering it completely useless.

The Code Master Lens used a Near-Field Time Lock on Bob's Key Tool, Glitch. This was to make sure that the Guardian was incapable of stopping him from searching Mainframe for the Code Master Talon.

Phong's scan of a Time Lock Mechanism

Phong examined the Time Lock in an effort to find a way to remove it. Enzo Matrix asked if it was some sort of Guardian destroying virus, but Phong told the young sprite that they weren't that fortunate, because they could deal with such a virus. The Time Lock was much more difficult, and could only be removed by a Code Masters Gibson Coil Pike.

Bob continued to try and fight Lens, and the pair eventually entered a Game Cube together. Once in the Game, Lens agreed to release Glitch from the Time Lock in order to win the Game. Unfortunetely, Gibson Coil Pikes cannot function inside a Game Cube, so the Time Lock could not be removed while in the Game.

Gibson Coil Pike removing a Time Lock

Lens eventually found Talon, and removed the Near-Field Time Lock just before he left Mainframe. (High Code)