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An UNFORMAT Command with Frisket

An UNFORMAT Command is a small device that can delete things. It fires a small energy beam that will cause a binome to fall to pieces. Old Man Pearson found and old UNFORMAT Command in his Data Dump.

Megabyte had Hack and Slash take a team of viral binomes to the dump to search for valuables. In Mr. Pearson's log they found the UNFORMAT Command. They searched the dump for the device and a zero binome found it. The old device still held a charge and the reward for the binome was to be a test subject for the UNFORMAT Command. The device shot the viral binome with a small beam and he fell to pieces.

Binome Unformated

Bob interfered and the Command was dropped. Frisket found it and ate the small device. It quickly began unformating his stomach. At Dot's Diner, Bob gave Frisket some medicine to help him stomach the command.

Megabyte kidnapped Enzo and Frisket and prepared to operate on the dog to get the command. Enzo and Frisket managed to escape. Just before they left the Silicon Tor, Frisket unloads whats left of the UNFORMAT Command and begins to feel better. Megabyte calls off the search for them after he steps in the remains of the UNFORMAT Command. (In the Belly of the Beast)


  • The UNFORMAT command is a wordplay on Disk formatting, the process of preparing a hard disk or other storage medium for use. By typing 'FORMAT' in MS-DOS it erases a hard disk's contents. Nicer versions of the FORMAT program store critical information elsewhere, so that an UNFORMAT program can undo the formatting. The MS-DOS Unformat is very unstable and can destroy the information that was formatted by accident so its best to not use the command. Users can delete the command if they wish.