There are many words that the characters use that are related to the uses on a computer when talking.

  • Backspace: meaning to "back up"
  • Input/Output: Meaning ones life. "Cut down in the prime of her input/output". Enzo to Bob after Dot was hit with the magnet.
  • Input: has been used in replacement of "put" 
  • Nanoseconds: Minutes
  • Seconds: Hours
  • Cycles: Years
  • Fully Functional: alright
  • Basic: stupid
  • Alphanumeric: Awesome
  • Diagnostic Program: Doctor
  • File yourself here: Stay put
  • Processing: Alive
  • Copy and Paste: to tell/relay something, "told" can be used interchangavly with this and is not a strict replacement. "I should have copy and pasted the truth from the start." Enzo to Bob after a deletion command ends a game.
  • Deletion: Death
  • Compile: to grow or age. "compile up" Dot to Enzo in episode 2
  • Quit File: to quit or give up.
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