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This template enables a picture to become an internal link to an article, instead of simply linking the picture information page. Please use only when necessary, as it is wikipedia standard to be directed to the picture's information page on click.

The syntax is:




NB! Due to the code, you will have to manually calculate the height to input. You do this by first looking at the dimension of the uploaded picture widtha x heighta. The width you input is called widthb. You must then use the following way of calculating heightb:

(widthb / widtha) x heighta = heightb

heighta = 100px
widtha = 80px
widthb = 40px

heightb = (40 / 80) x 100 = 50 px

If the result has decimals, round up, e.g. 27.9387 = 28. This is important, because if the height value is too low, only part of the picture is shown, if it's too high, it leaves a long blank space under the picture, which disturbs the surroundings while still acting as a link.