Tech Boys

The Tech Boys are the research division of the Principal Office in Mainframe. They work on any type of technology or problem that needs development or research. The Tech Boys are headed up by Hue Branch, and work in a large lab in the Principal Office. All of the Tech Boys wear a suit and tie, some wear lab coats over their suits when they are working in the lab. Specky is a member of the Tech Boys that works in the War Room, his suit is the same as the others.


Testing laser proof vests

They have worked on special laser proof vests. There have been somewhat mixed results, but the Tech Boys seem pleased with the success of two out of three vests. Oddly the Tech Boys used themselves to test the vests, rather than test dummies.


Test Dummy

The Tech Boys have also worked on creating safer vehicles. They use binome safety dummies to test the new vehicles. This way no one is hurt during the testing.

They were also seen testing a new type of toilet, unfortunately it exploded and rocketed one of its testers into the air.


Firewall designs

When Phong and Mouse came up with the idea of putting an inverted firewall around Giedi Prime they set Hue Branch and the Tech Boys to designing senders that could create the needed firewall. Mouse's Ship was docked in the large lab the Tech Boys work in so that they could load the firewall senders.

The Tech Boys failed to explain that everything about the senders was theory. They didn't realize that if it failed the Principal Office would be rendered defenseless in the attempt to activate the firewall. Luckily it worked. (Firewall)

Game Sampler

Game Sampler downloading Game codes

A year latter, Hue and his Tech Boys developed a Game Sampler to download Game codes. Phong believed that it could be used to build up a library of Game codes to be used on nulls to attempt to de-nullify them. The sampler as been used once on the Rocky The Rabid Raccoon 2 Game. So far it is unknown if the device has provided any success at de-nullification. (Life's a Glitch)

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