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Megabyte's dad too?[]

I don't recall which episode it was, but I clearly remember Megabyte addressing Nibbles as "father" in the episode where Hack & Slash were babysitting. Template:Unsigned

They babysit him in Nullzilla (episode). In the transcript:
[Exterior, Silicon Tor. In the interior, Nibbles slithers back into its crib. Megabyte bends down and picks the null up. It squirms in his grasp.]
Megabyte: Ah, there you are - Father! [He laughs gloatingly, then clears his throat.] Now, where are those two bumbling fools?
[The same creature that attacked Hexadecimal burns a hole in the wall of the Tor and flies toward Megabyte.] New dental work
Megabyte: Nooooo - arrgh!
Certainly interesting. I believe in later episodes, Megabyte reveals he was aware all along that Nibbles was Welman, so he might merely have been referring to Welman's role as a father in Dot and Enzo's life.
Alternative theory though... we know the The Sourcerer tells Megabyte that he created him. Megabyte doesn't appear to be aware of that, but ReBoot: The Guardian Code appears to take place before the end of the Reboot series (Hexadeximal still has an unmoving face, Bob isn't merged with Glitch, there's no AndrAIa) so perhaps the Sourcerer in digital form is Welman? Would that make Hex and Dot sisters? talk2ty 17:24, July 6, 2018 (UTC)


Welman's wife, who is the mother of Dot, Enzo, and Little Enzo, has never been mentioned.

If she's never been mentioned then how exactly do we know that she is his "wife" or that Dot/Enzo even HAVE a mom? This doesn't make sense. Requesting a source. We should remove this or modify it to simply say "no other parents of Dot or Enzo have been mentioned". talk2ty 17:24, July 6, 2018 (UTC)