-According to the series bible, press kits, and trading cards Bob worked in the Super Computer's Port Authority. Would this be an appropriate fact to add to his page? ~EBv2.0

-Why is this and a lot of the main characters pages locked. How can we proofread them and add facts if their locked? I thought the whole point of Wiki's was for everyone to be able to contribute to any topic?

Sorry, I should have mentioned earlier that only Preator can lock, unlock and delete articles. When he started up the Wiki many Internet trolls were editing out content and spamming so he made them featured pages to prevent this. As acting-administrator I do not have these access privileges. Humongous mouse 11:13, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

Degraded Bob looks like..... Edit

Bob is a sort of Avatar, he has blue skin, he's a highly revered protector, & in degraded form he has long curly black hair & a shape on his forhead that looks like a Hindi head dress.....He kinda looks like Lord Krsna.

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