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Steve Ball

Steve Ball was one of ReBoot's Computer Animators and Directors.

Steve was originally part of the Animation staff working as an Assistant for Mainframe Entertainment Inc., during ReBoot's first broadcasted season. Later he began overseeing the storyboarding of individual episodes, AndrAIa marked his first episode in a full directing role, as the series' second season progressed he also managed Trust No One. When Mainframe Entertainment began syndicating its third season Steve also directed To Mend and Defend, Number 7 and Showdown.

His last credited work with the company's acclaimed CGI series was for the fourth season, initially presented as two movies, and syndicated as separate episodes, Steve Ball directed My Two Bobs.

From 1994 to 2003, Steve has also directed various other Computer-generated animated TV shows such as "Action Man", and "War Planets - Shadow Raiders" and "Spider-Man - The New Animated Series".

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