Spy Mission
System Loaded Into Mainframe
User Form Secret Agent
Genre Mystery
Winner System Wins
Appearance Daemon Rising
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Spy Mission is a Game the User has loaded into Mainframe.

The User's character is a nerdy looking guy with glasses and odd personality. He plays the spy trying to stop the evil doctor. To win the Game the User must stop the evil doctor and his helpers from taking over the world. The sprites in the Game can win by taking over the world or deleting the User. The User that loaded this Game didn't seem to understand how to play and was extremely easy to defeat.


User Spy

Matrix, AndrAIa, Little Enzo, and Frisket entered the Game to defend the sector from being nullified during an attack on the city by the Guardian Armada.


Enzo and Frisket rebooted

Matrix hated it that Little Enzo had entered the Game. Enzo thought that everyone was busy with the battle, so he entered the Game to help. Enzo and Frisket rebooted as a bald, green dwarf in white clothes and a grey Chihuahua. Matrix was not pleased because now Enzo was a viable target for the User. AndrAIa rebooted into an outfit with a silver halter top and purple hair, and Matrix rebooted as an adult version of Enzo. AndrAIa laughed at Matrix's costume and he holds his hand up to his face and extends his pinky toward his mouth and says, "Marvelous".


Matrix rebooted

AndrAIA went off to find the User. She finds him dancing in a gaudily colored room with a "LOVE" poster on the wall and a big, circular, rotating bed. The User jumps on the bed and says, "Oh, you are awful but I like you baby." AndrAIa is not impressed by the User. He tells her, "I see my karma's working, baby! Yeah!"


AndrAIa rebooted

Back at the evil headquarters, Matrix assembles Gun from small parts while Little Enzo watches. AndrAIa walks in and throws the User down. His pants are missing. She asks what they do to win this Game. Matrix extends Gun and orders it to target the User. The little man says, "Karma, don't fail me now!"


The User's headquarters

A gun shot is heard, the System Voice announces, "Game Over", and the Game Cube leaves. (Daemon Rising)


  • The name of this Game was never given on screen. Spy Mission was chosen as the name of the article as a basic name for the article.
  • This Game is a reference to the Austin Powers series of movies.
  • Matrix's act of simply shooting the User is a reference to the needlessly complicated methods of killing the protagonist shown in the James Bond films, which the Austin Powers movies deconstructed and parodied.
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