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Spectral System 2.jpg
Spectral System
City Size Medium
System Leader Spectral Leader
Primary Population Spectrals
Energy Sea Position Underground
First Appearance Where No Sprite Has Gone Before
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The Spectral System is a small city inhabited completely by Spectrals. The system has no ports to the Net. Beyond the city there is a rocky landscape and a large mountain range, there is no visible Energy Sea. Its possible that the Energy Sea in this system works like an underground spring.

The Principal Office in the Spectral System is a massive sky scraper that dwarfs all the other buildings in the city. The control chamber for the Principal Office is located in a small yellow structure at the top of the building. Inside there are several control panels along the walls and a central table that projects a holographic display of the system.

Spectral System Principal Office

Spectrals are not able to reboot, so they reformatted some of themselves into Sprites. The new sprites called themselves the Hero Selective. They were meant to fight the Game Cubes that entered the system. The members of the Hero Selective are Robert Cursor, Pixel, Powerlock, Email, Gigagirl, Copy Girl, Feline, and Cold Boot.

Inside the systems Principal Office

When they were not allowed to return to being Spectrals the Heroes stopped fighting Games and let the Cubes damage the system. They moved into the mountains surrounding the city and built the Hard Drive in a hidden cave as their base of operations.

Spectral System

Matrix, AndrAIa, and Frisket entered the system via Game Hopping, and helped the Spectrals and Heroes resolve their differences. When they started working together they found that Powerlock and one of the Spectrals were actually viruses in disguise. They were planning to destroy the system but the Heroes and Spectrals were able to stop them with the help of Matrix and AndrAIa. Powerlock was deleted by Matrix and the Spectral Virus was decompiled by the Spectrals. (Where No Sprite Has Gone Before)

Top of the Principal Office

Matrix and AndrAIa came to this system from a Damaged System. When they left this one the Games downloaded them into the Satellite System.


  • The people seen in the Spectral System were modeled after the characters on Star Trek the Original Series, and on comic book superheroes.
  • The system's true name was never said on screen.