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Spectrals are living balls of energy that live in the Spectral System. They float above the ground, are very quick, and when a spectral talks they fluoresce. By nature, they are capable of repairing tears with little trouble. Spectrals do not have icons, so they are unable to reboot. The Spectral System is the only known location on the Net where spectrals live.

Because of their inability to reboot, they could not possibly fight the first Game Cubes that entered their system. They decided to reformat some of themselves who volunteered into Sprites. The new sprites called themselves the Hero Selective, led by Robert Cursor. These new sprites were capable of rebooting and could fight the Games, however they were coldly shunned by their former-spectral family. When they were not allowed to return to being Spectrals the tired Heroes soon stopped fighting Games and let the Cubes damage the system. Matrix and AndrAIa entered the system by a Game Cube and helped the Spectrals and Heroes resolve their differences and stop two viruses that were infecting everything, creating tears, breaking down Spectral/Sprite relations and ultimately planning to destroy their system. (Where No Sprite Has Gone Before)


  • The Head Spectral stated to Enzo, "There will be peace, if not now there will be in 'the next generation," a spoof to the Star Trek the Next Generation TV series.