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Specky is a nervous one binome that works at the Principal Office. He is essentially one of Dot Matrix's secretaries. Specky is a good computer processor and keeps Dot's schedule for her. He wears a very large pair of glasses for his one eye. Specky is a member of the Tech Boys as they all wear the same suit and ties.

Specky never can figure out if he should call Dot sir or ma'am, he eventually turns it into a single word, "sirmam".

Specky was working in the war room during the beginning of the Viral Wars. At first he referred all his information to Phong, and thought it odd when Dot began giving him orders. Phong told the little binome that he should do as she said. At this point Dot took her permanent place as Phong's second in command, and Specky developed a close working relationship with her.

Mouse reprogrammed the Principal Office shields when they were failing during an attack by Hexadecimal. Mouse left the building with Dot in order to stop the attack. Specky was unable to operate the shields without Mouse due to the complexities of her code, so Phong had to take over. (To Mend and Defend)

Specky became more confident when the firewall around Giedi Prime was activated. With the city safe Specky was content with standard operation of the city, such as using Mouse's new long range sensors to detect incoming Games. (Game Over)

When the firewall fell, Megabyte attacked the Principal Office. Specky frantically gave reports to Phong and Dot about the viral troops entering the building. Under Phong's suggestion, Dot told Specky to give the evacuation signal for the building. Specky, along with everyone else, evacuated the War Room safely, while Phong bought them time to escape. (Megaframe)

Dot and Mouse set up the Mainframe Rebellion to continue fighting Megabyte. Specky worked in the rebellion's headquarters in a warehouse working on intelligence reports.

At the end of the Viral Wars, Specky was seen getting very close to Princess Bula of the Saucy Mare. (End Prog)

Specky assisted Dot during the Viral Wars and during the Net Wars with Daemon. He also attended Dot's failed wedding where his appearance was copied by Megabyte so that the virus could easily escape. He was presumably infected by Megabyte. (Null Bot of the Bride) (Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus)