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Space Race 2
System Loaded Into Mainframe
User Form Not shown, likely Spacecraft
Genre Race
Winner System Wins
Appearance AndrAIa
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Space Race 2 is a Game that the User has loaded into Mainframe.

User Space Craft

This Game is an updated version of the Space Race Game. This version starts inside the Ice Planet. The Goal is to escape from the ice caverns before the User does. The User is not shown, but is most likely a red one man space craft with no visible pilot, similar to the original Space Race. The system sprites fly white one man space crafts. In the Game there is a super weapon capable of destroying the planet.

Bob rebooted

Bob, Jean-Luc, Captain Quirk, and several other binomes were caught in this Game. The Mainframers traveled through the ice caverns as a team to get out of the caves and off the planet. Jean-Luc and Quirk decided they would try to delete the User by triggering the detonator to the super weapon.

Mainframe Space Craft

Bob couldn't believe what the pair had done. He exclaimed how he was supposed to save them from the User, not themselves. Bob's onboard computer told him that the initial detonation was complete and there was ten seconds to the planet destruction.

Escaping the Ice Caverns

The Mainframe team quickly found the exit to the caverns and flee away from the planet as fast as they could. A massive explosion ripped the planet apart, deleting the User still inside. The Game was won and the Cube left.

Ice Planet

Enzo Matrix was grounded from entering Games and not allowed to enter this Game by Dot Matrix. (AndrAIa)

The User's form in this Game was saved as undeleted RAM. After the Viral Wars, Mainframe began to crash. All undeleted RAM was released into the system, including the User from the Space Race Game. (System Crash)