Uranusattacks planet
Space Battles
System Loaded Into Damaged System
User Form Space Shuttle
Genre Space Combat
Winner System Wins
Appearance Icons
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Space Battles is a Game a User downloaded into the Damaged System.

It is a space combat simulator Game located entirely within the gas giant's planetary ring system composed of asteroids. No Game Sprites were seen in this Game.

Uranusattacks User

User character: Space Shuttle

The User controls a Space Shuttle, and his objective appears to be to exterminate the aliens in the Game. He has only one weapon mounted in the front of the space shuttle, projectiles or narrow beams of yellow energy that hit their target with explosive impact. The players reboot as the aliens in the Game, with their own spaceship designed like a small flying saucer. Likewise, the alien spacecraft is also capable of firing energy beams from an antenna but with a green colorant instead. The alien craft can rotate it's weapon and fire in a full 360° radius, the User appears to only shoot in one direction, forwards.

Uranusattacks characters

Matrix, AndrAIa, and Frisket rebooted

Both ships are capable of manoeuvering around the asteroids easily. The User's shuttle can be severely damaged by firing on its wings.


Firing on the User


User crashing

Matrix, AndrAIa and Frisket used this Cube to Game-Hop into the Damaged System, rebooting as the aliens they remarked at how skilled this User apparently was, almost too good as they were nearly taken out by an attack. For most of the battle they were pursued around the ring system and moons, until Matrix finally locked onto and fire upon the User character. The wing of the shuttle was damaged, and it subsequently crashed into an asteroid, ending the Game. (Icons)


  • This Games real name is never said on screen.
  • The User's Space Shuttle is designed after the real NASA Space Shuttle.
  • Matrix and AndrAIa's game characters resemble the Martians from Mars Attacks!.
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