Slimey Goober

Slimey Goober is a one binome and a pick-pocket crook living in the Desert Port System. He wears a dirty brown trench coat and has a bloodshot eye. When Matrix and AndrAIa visited the system Slimey Goober picked Matrix's pocket and took Glitch.

Matrix chased Slimey through the city and the little binome panicked and ran for his life. He hid in a small bar and Matrix followed him inside. Matrix could see Slimey hiding in the corner, he went to the bar and simply said he wanted Glitch returned. Slimey had several large thugs that backed him up, telling Matrix to leave. Matrix told Gun to target all of the people in the room and go into death blossom mode. The Gun twirled in a random circle, threatening to fire on everyone. Slimey took out Glitch and slide it across the floor to Matrix, then ran out of the bar with everyone else.

Several Guardians arrived in the system searching for Guardian 452. When they detected Bob's code left in Matrix's icon they hired Slimey to take his Key Tool. After he left the bar the leader of the Guardian squad cornered Slimey and asked what happened. Slimey explained and quickly ran away. (The Episode With No Name)


  • The voice of Slimey Goober was provided by Jessie Moss. He also provided the voice for the original young Enzo.
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