The Sibedar

Sibedar is a two-story bar/nightclub. A drinking, dancing, and entertainment venue located in the Desert Port System. The name of said establishment is displayed on the walls.

The bar interior is a dimly lit atmosphere, with neon tubes and lava lamps mounted around the tables. The bar provides stools for the patrons along tables and raised counters. It is disreputable place where various thugs, spies and never-do-wells hang out. As well as the bartender there are also small dispensers that serve intoxicating white energy drinks. These are alcoholic beverages commonly known as "I.O. shots".

Slimey Goober had stolen Glitch from Matrix and entered Sibedar believing he lost him. Matrix entered the bar and made his presence known, causing the drunken Binome to tremble in fear. The renegade demanded his Key Tool back. Slimey Goober was then backed up by two large mutant Sprites. Matrix simply activated Gun's 'Death blossom mode', planting firing targets on everyone in the bar, which intimidates Slimey enough to return Glitch. He then instructs the bar's occupants: "Anyone who wants to live, leave. I just want a quiet drink." Then everyone flees. Soon afterwards, Turbo shows up. The Prime Guardian was searching for what he thought was Bob, but found the adult Enzo Matrix instead.


The bar interior

After Enzo explained what transpired after Mainframe's Web War, and Turbo apologized for the part he played in it, the viral Guardians suddenly opened fire upon the bar, doing external damage to its walls. Turbo told Matrix about the imminent threat of Daemon and left through a portal back to the Super Computer soon afterwards.

After AndrAIa and Frisket dealt with the Guardians, they entered the bar and explained that the Guardians had restricted Net travel. Matrix asked Glitch to scan for possible transport when Captain Capacitor and Mr. Christopher emerged in the Sibedar seeking refuge. (The Episode With No Name)

The Crimson Binome ran back out thinking Matrix was a bounty hunter trying to claim the 10,000 unit bounty on his head. The trio quickly pursued the pirates. (The Return of The Crimson Binome)


  • The Sibedar was similar to the cantina in the movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, right down to the music.
  • It's likely a reference to the computing term "sidebar", a GUI element on the side of a window or desktop.
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