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Mouse's Ship

Ship is a high-tech craft owned by Mouse, used for Net/Inter-System transport. Ship is fast-moving, difficult to detect, and agile; it can out-fly and outmaneuver any CPU or ABC aircraft. Capable of high altitude, it features two jet engines but no on-board weaponry, missiles or heavy armor, making it rather vulnerable in mid-air combat or dogfights. The intuitive aircraft runs on an unknown independent power source, not a System's Operating Core as most vessels do. Variable Exhaust Nozzles can be seen, but how it achieves such thrust over long-distances or what fuel system it uses remains unexplained.

Ship's cockpit controls

Ship was first seen extensively when Mouse rescued Bob and Dot from the terrorizing Gigabyte, as it was now the only vehicle unaffected by the prior power-down of Mainframe. They needed to dock in the Principal Office to meet with Phong; although the system administrator was reluctant to have Mouse inside, however using the aircraft's cockpit consoles she hacked through the Principal Office defenses. Ship was critical in their plan of securing a tear from the Energy Sea to defeat the Super Virus with. The rear catwalk lowered down so Mouse could place the tear into a containment grid while Dot kept the craft hovering steady. (Gigabyte)

Immediately after the Web War, Megabyte and Hexadecimal betrayed the CPU forces. Dot and Mouse used this craft to quickly escape from the Hardware and raise the Principal Office's shields for the upcoming Viral Wars. (Web World Wars)

Ship Lassoing a Tear

During the Viral Wars Mouse and Phong devised an inverted firewall with Hue Branch to contain the virals away from Mainframe's populous. Hue's tech boys loaded the senders onto the Ship and Mouse programmed an auto-flight route around G-Prime and rigged an auto-trigger. Dot Matrix cautioned Mouse not to be spotted by the ABC fleet or else her vessel would be blown out of the sky; the hacker assured Dot she would not be seen until the firewall was activated. She flew Ship through one of the Principal Office's subterranean tunnels, emerging onto the city's sector where two chutes extended from the center of Ship. The senders began sliding down the mechanical arms on alternating sides, before opening their parachutes and dropping towards the system's surface. (Firewall)

Above view of Ship

During the Net War Ship was used to deploy firewall senders when Daemon’s viral Guardians breached Mainframe, Mouse flew the craft straight up vertically over the gap to the Net and temporarily sealed it. (Daemon Rising)

Daemon managed to capture AndrAIa during the war and Mainframe captured Turbo in the same conflict. He informed Mouse that Ray Tracer was also infected by the Super Virus. In response Mouse and Matrix planned to rescue their friends or at least assassinate Daemon by flying Ship straight into the Super Computer. Their attack failed and Ship remained in the Super Computer for the remainder of the war. (What's Love Got To Do With It?)