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Service Entry Unit 26

Service Entry Unit 26 was a service unit working at Nibble's Diner in Megaframe.

During an effort to free one of Megabyte's sectors, Dot Matrix became disillusioned and lost confidence. To help, Phong used a device on Dot called a Reality Distortion Engine. It made it so she could see what would happen to Mainframe if she did nothing to stop Megabyte. In this horrible future Megabyte ruled what was now Megaframe with an iron fist.

Dot's Diner was now Nibble's Diner, and an unreputable crowd went there. The waiter, Cecil, was replaced by Service Entry Unit 26. He had no personality, and was not alive like Cecil. Unit 26 was programmed to only take diner orders, if someone became argumentative he was programmed to alert the Security Drones. He was the first to inform Dot she was not in Mainframe, that it was Megaframe.

A teenage punk gangster Enzo Matrix arrived at the diner and talked with Dot. After berating her, he threw her out of the diner into the garbage. Unit 26 had a good laugh with Enzo at Dot's expense.

In this reality, Bob had been nullified and Phong was driven insane and was living in a box in an alley. (Identity Crisis, Part 2)

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