A Seed

A Seed is a small egg shaped object used by the Super Virus Daemon to spread her infection.


A seed before Daemon infected it


A seed after Daemon infected it

Daemon had the infected Guardian Collective create the seeds. They were purple in color, then she infected the seeds and they turned viral green. Then she ordered them to deliver the seeds to every system on the Net. They would put the seed in the Core of the system's Principal Office.

Daecon informed Daemon that several systems had already been sealed from Net access by the inhabitants of Mainframe. Some of these systems had not been seeded yet, so they could not be infected. It was impossible to access these systems without a portal.

June 02 800

Daemon infecting the Seeds

Matrix and AndrAIa chased down a Guardian with a seed in the Satellite System. They shot down her ship and chased her into the systems Principal Office. They tried to get her to come away from the Core but she got scared and jumped into the energy. The Guardian was destroyed and the seed remained floating in the Core energy.

Daemon ordered a trap be set to capture Matrix and AndrAIa. She sent the Guardians after them and once they were cornered in a fight she sent a Zoom Room to bring them to her. She did manage to capture AndrAIa, but Matrix escaped through a portal, back to Mainframe.


Daemon giving her signal for the seeds to explode

Once AndrAIa arrived, Daemon infected her. Then she lifted into the air and sent out a mass of viral energy that triggered all the seeds in every system they were in. Each seed exploded and infected the system they were in. Only a few systems were not seeded. With the seeds she managed to infect 92.18% of the entire Net. After this all Daemon's focus was directed at gaining access to Mainframe so that she could use Bob to create portals to the closed and offline systems.

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