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Security Drone

Security Drones were one eyed robots that worked as part of Megaframes security force. They kept a close eye on the city to keep order.

During an effort to free one of Megabyte's sectors, Dot Matrix became disillusioned and lost confidence. To help, Phong used a device on Dot called a Reality Distortion Engine. It made it so she could see what would happen to Mainframe if she did nothing to stop Megabyte. In this horrible future Megabyte ruled what was now Megaframe with an iron fist.

Dot began wandering the city and came to a public square. Several binomes were walking past a security check point into a public building. One Security Drone spotted Dot and identified her as not having an identification bar code. It chased after her and she hid in an alley way.

Dot went on to Baudway Sector to her diner, but found it was now Nibble's Diner. She went inside and found Cecil was replace by Service Entry Unit 26 and Enzo Matrix was now a punk gangster. While talking to Enzo, he accused her of being a convict or drone, because the Security Drones were interested in her.

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Security Drone imprinting Dot

Dot was thrown out of the diner and went to see a now insane Phong and a nullified Bob on Level 31. Phong was suddenly scared by a squad of ABC officers arriving. They chased Dot down an alley and called for Lieutenant Cyrus and a Security Drone.

Once the drone arrived it grabbed Dot and put a metal hood over her head. It shaved Dot's head and printed an identification bar code on her forehead. Then the Security force and drone left into the shadows. (Identity Crisis, Part 2)

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