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The Secretary

The Secretary is a zero binome that works for Dot Matrix. She helps Dot keep track of all the things that go on in her vast business empire. Dot would often sit at a table checking files and asking the secretary about different things.

The Secretary wears a large pink bow, glasses, and a pink outfit. Although Dot always asks the little binome to call her Dot, the secretary always answers, "Of course Ms. Matrix."

Dot had promised to put off work for an afternoon to have a picnic with Bob and Enzo. When they turned their back she was back in the Diner, asking the Secretary about several business transactions. (The Medusa Bug)

In one conversation, the Secretary informed Dot that the Mitchell Account was late as usual, a download from First National Data Bank was on hold awaiting her imprint, she was late for a board meeting at Fiche and Chips Industries, and that Dot had missed her flight to sector 1101. Dot was extremely angry at the time. She was waiting for Bob and Enzo to get back and they hadn't appeared yet. Their tardiness caused her to be late and the entire schedule to be thrown off. Bob and Dot had a big argument about it and were not speaking to each other.

Listening to Phong's advice

The Secretary joined Enzo and a group of concerned Mainframers at the Principal Office where they asked Phong for his advice. Mike the TV suddenly suggested that Bob may leave and go back to the Super Computer. The Secretary was very disturbed that Bob might leave Mainframe. (The TIFF)

Secretary and Toque

During Hexadecimal's painting of Mainframe's sky, the Secretary was seen walking along the street holding hands with Toque. Apparently the two were dating at the time. The pair marveled at the giant painting of a sun the virus added to the cities sky. (Painted Windows)

The Secretary seemed to have a crush on Bob. She attended a learning seminar about Game Cubes that Bob held. During a question and answer time, Bob spotted the pink secretary and she closed her eyelids, showing the words 'I Love You.' (AndrAIa)

Being evacuating from an Incoming Game

The Secretary was seen on a CPU Tank with several other civilians being evacuated from an area where a Game Cube was landing. (Game Over)

Alternate Timeline[]

Secretary in Megaframe

In an alternate timeline seen by Dot Matrix, Megabyte had taken over the city, naming it Megaframe. The Secretary was one of the inhabitants of Megaframe. She was seen in a crowd outside of Nibble's Diner, her pink outfit and bow were now black and dirty. The Secretary was part of the crowd bowing to Megabyte when he made a sector greeting. They referred to him as 'Prince of Power', and no one acted like this was odd or out of the ordinary. (Identity Crisis, Part 2)


  • The Secretary's real name was never given on screen. The only way to identify her is her job.