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Satelite System 2.jpg
Satellite System
City Size Huge
System Leader Unknown
Primary Population Binomes
Energy Sea Position Industrial Energy Conduits
First Appearance Number Seven
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The Satellite System is a large system shaped like a planet, and every building in the system is a giant satellite dish, including its Principal Office. It's Energy Sea is under all the buildings in the system, running through a series of conduits. The system originally had no ports to the Net, but had them installed by the time of the Net War. Very little is known about this system or it's inhabitants. It is unknown if any sprites live there, but one binome was seen there during the end of the Net War.

Satellite System with incoming Game

Matrix and AndrAIa were trapped here when they were using Game Cubes to try and get home. It took them four tries to use a Game Cube to leave this system, every time they left with the Cube they would be downloaded back into the same system in another Game. (Number 7)

The User of this system is unusually fond of golf games. Every Game that was loaded into the system during Matrix and AndrAIa's time there was a golf game, usually Fairway Frolics. Matrix hated them, and grew increasingly tired of having to play them in order to leave the system.

Elevator on Satellite Dish Spire

Matrix and AndrAIa came to this system via Game Hopping from the Spectral System. After leaving here the Games downloaded them into the Desert Port System.

Satellite System Central Operating Core

Satellite System being infected

This System gained Net access sometime before the Net War. Matrix and AndrAIa entered the system while chasing a Guardian Ship. They shot the ship down just outside of the systems Principal Office. The Guardian pilot survived the crash and ran inside to the systems Central Operating Core. Matrix and AndrAIa tried to talk to her and get her to come away from the Core Energy, but she became scared and jumped into the Core energy. The pilot dissolved in the energy and the seed remained floating inside the Core energy. When Daemon spread her infection the seed exploded and infected the entire Satellite system. (Cross Nodes)

Binome living in the Satellite System

As the Net War came to an end, Daemon decompiled, sending her final instructions, the Word, to the entire Net. The binomes of the Satellite System received their instructions and began a count down to their own deletion. They, along with everyone else on the Net, were saved by the virus Hexadecimal when she infected the entire Net with the cure. (Sacrifice)


  • The system's true name was never said on screen.