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Sal and Harv

The Dires, Sal and Harv, are Sprite entertainers living in Mainframe. They once auditioned for an act in Enzo Matrix's upcoming Birthday party. These Sprites made unrealistic movements up to the microphones at best. They were so bad even the stage crew heckled and booed them. Both Dot and Emma See commented on how awful the performance was becoming until Mike the TV dropped sandbags on top of their heads. (Talent Night)

The Dires are an older form of sprite, with a less complex form.


  • Sal & Harv both featured on Dire Strait's "Money for Nothing" 1985 music video created by Ian Pearson and Gavin Blair.
  • The creators of ReBoot featured the characters due to being fed up with the cultural perception of MainFrame as being "that company that did that Dire Strait's video", and not for their more recent credits.