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SS Cameron

The SS Cameron is a CPU Navy Ship patrolling the harbor of the Desert Port System.

SS Cameron seen in Capacitor's spy glass

When the pirates of the Saucy Mare broke out of prison and stole back their ship, they tried to escape the system. The SS Cameron and the FFG-39 were sent to intercept the pirate ship before it could leave the system. Captain Capacitor spotted the FFG-39 and SS Cameron in his spy glass and ordered battle stations.

The Saucy Mare targets the SS Cameron

SS Cameron takes damage

The two navy ships fired on the Saucy Mare damaging its engines and hull. The pirates returned fire, causing massive damage to the SS Cameron, which caused it to sink into the Energy Sea. Without the Cameron the Saucy Mare managed to get past the FFG-39 and the CPU fighters and leave the system. (The Return of The Crimson Binome)

SS Cameron sinking


  • The SS Cameron is a reference to filmmaker James Cameron. When this episode was being produced he was involved in a very expensive and risky movie named 'Titanic.' Running overbudget and behind schedule, Cameron's career was at risk. Now the movie is known for its massive box office take, but many these days consider it cheesy because of the poor acting.