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Room Zero

Room Zero (also stylized Room 0) is the main base of operations for the next-generation Guardians: Austin, Parker, Tamra and Trey. It is also their entry point into Cyberspace.


Monitoring and Communication Station

Resembling a large bunker, Room Zero is located in the basement of Alan Turing High School, hidden behind a holographic wall. In the center of the room stands two large desks with seven computer monitors from which V.E.R.A. can communicate and monitor the Guardians and all of cyberspace. There is a lounge area in the left-hand corner from the exit, and the bio-constructor on the right-hand side from which V.E.R.A. was given human form. Both left and right walls have animated maps of the Internet; their function has yet to be explored.

The Digitizer at Room Zero's far end.

At the back of Room Zero lies the Digitizer where Austin, Parker, Tamra and Trey can enter cyberspace, taking on their Guardian avatars: Vector, Googz, Enigma and D-Frag. Hidden behind the platform is an old mainframe computer.


Prior to the events of the series, Austin's father, Adam Carter, created the Guardian code and constructed Room Zero during his tenure at Alan Turing High School, prior to Austin losing him.

Following an attack by The Sourcerer on a UK Power Grid, Austin, Parker, Tamra and Trey receive text messages informing them in a change of their homeroom assignment. That message brought them together in the basement of the school, where they discovered Room Zero behind a holographic wall. It was here where they first entered cyberspace as Vector, Googz, Enigma and D-Frag and thwarted the Sourcerer's efforts for the first time. Their first mission a success, the Guardians return to the physical world, vowing to keep Room Zero and everything they experienced a secret. Shortly after, V.E.R.A. takes on human form after her Bio-Constructor was activated prematurely.

Season 1 reveals that Adam had installed an old mainframe computer at the far end of Room Zero. It is there during a siege on it by Megabyte that Vector, Googz and Enigma meet Bob, Dot, Frisket and Enzo, some of Mainframe's inhabitants.

On one occasion, the secrecy of Room Zero was jeopardized when Tamra mistakenly uploads a video of V.E.R.A. doing a rap in Room Zero (Share Scare). Despite successful efforts to delete it before it goes viral, Shari (who follows Tamra's vlog closely) manages to download the video. After discovering Room Zero, entering cyberspace, encountering Megabyte and being rescued by the Guardians, Shari has her memory of the events and of Room Zero erased. (Double Trouble)

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