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Roller Blader

The Roller Blader is a one binome working at Al's Wait & Eat in Mainframe. He is never without his roller blades, skating everywhere. Working at Al's, he uses them to move quickly from one area of the bar to the other. Roller Bladder is gay, and very flamboyant in his mannerisms and voice.

Bob went to Al's to ask questions on the disappearance of Dot Matrix. When he got there, Al's Waiter was missing as well and the only one to talk to was the Roller Blader. He was very busy as he was short handed without his supervisor there. When Bob tried to get his attention the Roller Blader told him, “I’ll be with you in a nano, I’m like rushed off my inline.” However, he did talk to Bob and told him that Dot never arrived for the meeting, asking Al to confirm that, and got the usual, “What?!” (Trust No One)

Over a year later the Roller Blader was seen just after the end of the Viral Wars when Mainframe began to crash. He was in the remains of Wall Street sector as the remaining skyscrapers began to collapse. He skated away just as one of the towers fell in his direction. (System Crash)

The next year the Roller Blader was seen while working at Al's Wait and Eat. He skated right past a few neo-virals, claiming it wasn't his section. They were very insulted. AndrAIa and Little Enzo had brought Bob there to get an energy shake because he wasn't feeling well. The Roller Blader brought their drinks to them and tried to cheer up Bob even if it turned out that he is a copy, that several of his friends are copies. However, he ended up making Bob very uncomfortable. (My Two Bobs)

The Roller Blader also worked at the local wedding shop where he helped people with their tuxes. Matrix didn't like the little binome meddling with his tux. He also tried to help Hack and Slash, but they felt their privacy was violated in the dressing room with him there. The binome was horrified when Matrix ripped off the sleeves of the tux.

At Dot's Wedding

The Roller Blader was later seen attending Dot's wedding and watched horrified as the second Bob was revealed to be Megabyte. He stayed in the sidelines while Bob and Megabyte fought, destroying the wedding chapel. (Null Bot of the Bride)


  • The Roller Bladder's real name was never given on screen.