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Robots are mechanical artificial agents. Such artificial life-forms are often referred to as 'Drones' which either come with or without Personality chips. Some robots are living while most are not.

Hack and Slash

Hack and Slash are living robots of the same design. The only difference is that Hack is red and Slash is blue. Neither is very intelligent, they are so full of weapons and hardware that there was almost no room for brains. Hack and Slash were built by Megabyte and served him for several years. They were destroyed by Hexadecimal during the Viral Wars. Phong rebuilt them and they served Mainframe ever since.

There were various robots of different design waiting to be served slow food in Al's Diner on Level 31. (The Quick and the Fed)

Robot friend schematic

Phong offered to build a robot from a schematic he had, so that Enzo Matrix would have a friend to play with. Dot Matrix said that Enzo would probably prefer a real friend. (AndrAIa)

The Principal Office had a robotic janitor that cleaned its hallways. The janitor robot was destroyed when Megabyte took control of the Principal Office and released several Pong Game Pucks to destroy Bob and Dot in the corridors. A few of the pucks locked in on the janitor robot and blew it up. (Infected)

Phong designed a Giant Robot to be used in case the city came under attack by a giant null monster. This robot does not have an artificial intelligence to run it, instead it has five pilots inside it to operate it. When in storage in its hanger, the Robot is in pieces. It is made up of five Battle Droids. The Giant Robot was used to defend Mainframe from the monster Nullzilla. Afterword the Robot went back into storage. (Nullzilla)

Guardian robot drone

The Guardians use arachnid like robotic drones to assist them on some of their jobs. These small yellow robots are simple programs, none have a personality chip. These drones have good memories and will avoid what they deem too great a risk. A few of these drones accompanied a Guardian team to the Desert Port System to assist in capturing what they believed to be Guardian 452, Bob. (The Episode With No Name)

Alternate Timeline[]

Viral Security Drone

In a reality of a totalitarian viral Megaframe, Megabyte ruled with an iron fist. The city was policed by the ABC attack force and by several robotic Security Drones. These one eyed robots kept a close eye on the city to keep order. (Identity Crisis, Part 2)