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Revert Command

A Revert Command is a small circular device capable of reverting an entire system to a previous version. When a person activates this device it creates a large colorful energy vortex that the individual can step through and end up in the previous version of the system, effectively traveling to the past. Revert Commands only ever appeared in the video game ReBoot: Countdown to Chaos.

Revert Command energy vortex

The Failed Ending of the game plays if the player did not halt Hexadecimal's attack on Mainframe, with the tears slowly annihilate the city leaving nothing but a tiny twisted-up island, a drone appears in front of a dismayed Bob playing an automated message from Phong. The drone leaves Bob a device with which to alter the system's past, and future. Bob realizes this is a Revert Command that will allow him to undo the disaster. He leaps headfirst into the space-time anomaly where the player has the option to repeat the game's chapters to get a better ending.

If the player saves Mainframe, yet fails to obtain good endings on all chapters, the Bad Ending occurs; Bob brings Dot to safety atop the Lair where Phong greets them, he thanks Bob for saving the city, yet regretfully bears the terrible news of casualties throughout the system, Enzo being one of them.

Dot despairs, Bob tried his best and confessed he would risk anything to save the little Sprite. Phong realizes there is but one option left; use the Revert Command to go back in time and set things right. Dot is concerned as the technology is very dangerous, but Bob reminds them it's their only hope; the Guardian resolved to change their past, disappears into the rift.