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This article is about the action of rebooting. For information on the ReBoot series, see ReBoot.

To Reboot is an action that can be performed by a sprite or binome with a PID icon that has been caught in a Game Cube. It transforms them into an enemy of the User with special powers and abilities relevant to the Game. The sprite then becomes part of the Game itself.

To reboot, you must double-click on your icon and give the command "reboot". However certain virtual reality entities like next generation guardians and Spectrals cannot reboot.

Good pointsEdit

  • Having rebooted, the sprite is more suited to battling the User. They are often provided with weapons or abilities which will harm or delete the User. Anything the sprite is carrying will often also be transformed such as Gun being transformed into a golden pistol used by Matrix in the Austin Powers game.
  • A Guardian may use their Key Tool inside a Game, which gives them an advantage.
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Bad pointsEdit

  • Because the User only attacks enemies in the game, a sprite who has not rebooted is not a viable target for the User, giving them a chance to hide or otherwise avoid encountering the User. If you have rebooted, you cannot return to normal format until the Game has ended.
  • Occasionally, rebooting will not provide a tactical advantage against the User (such as when Enzo rebooted into a princess during the Castles and Knights; even though he delivered the final blow to the User, his character was clearly not designed to fight).
  • If your icon is damaged, attempting to reboot might destabilize you (Glitch-Bob is knocked virtually unconscious when attempting to reboot).
  • If you are injured in the Game, you will still be injured when the Game ends. As a participant in the game, you are more likely to be injured by the User or a Game Sprite. Unlike a Game Sprite, you cannot 'regenerate' any time the Game restarts if injured.
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