A Reality Distortion Engine

A Reality Distortion Engine, or R.D.E., is a small device that can reveal possible outcomes of the future given certain actions. Its disrupting waves move backward into the past and forward into the future, like ripples in a pond. It is a small disk-shaped object that can split in two. The device is activated by placing the two pieces on another person's temples. When the visions of the future are seen, the voice of the person that activated it will be heard saying, "What you are experiencing is a temporary distortion of reality." (Identity Crisis, Part 1)

Phong used one on Dot Matrix when they were trying to free one of Giedi Prime's sub-sectors from Megabyte's control. The backward-moving waves caused Dot to start seeing small visions of the future before Phong actually activated the R.D.E. At the time the engine was activated, Dot immediately went into a full vision of the future where she could interact with it.

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R.D.E. placed on Dot's temples

Once the vision was complete, Phong came forward and explained what happened to Dot. She had one final vision where she saw the creation of the Energy Park.

Dot's VisionEdit

Dot saw a version of Mainframe where the city was renamed Megaframe. Megabyte ruled the city with an iron fist, with a mass security force keeping a close eye on all citizens. In this reality, Phong had been driven insane and was living in a box in an alley, Bob had been nullified in a Game, Enzo was a punk gangster, Frisket was taken to the pound, Cecil had been replaced by a robot version of himself, named Service Entry Unit 26, and Dot's Diner was now Nibble's Diner. All citizens were identified by bar codes somewhere on their bodies, rather than their icons, and the city was patrolled by the ABCs and Security Drones. (Identity Crisis, Part 2)


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