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The Read-Only Room

The Read-Only Room is a store house of all information since the very beginning of Mainframe. It is a large room, with gray brick walls, with a small metal door. The only thing in the room is a large double sided VidWindow in the middle of the room with a single beam of light shining down on it. The window has direct access to the cities Archives, and can easily access any information there without having to leave the main body of the Principal Office.

Phong working in the Read-Only Room

Phong is the only person in Mainframe with authorization to enter the room or access the VidWindow there. He rarely grants access to the room, but on occasion he lets someone else use the room. Others can only access the room with Phong's authorization code. The Read-Only Room is one of Phong' main work places, others are his Office, The Core Control Chamber, and his podium in the Main Entrance Hall.

Phong allowing Enzo access to the Read-Only Room

Enzo Matrix was granted access when he felt he was not smart enough. Phong let him stay in the room under the rule he wouldn't touch anything except the VidWindow table, and wouldn't leave the room until he was finished with his studies. Enzo agreed, but soon said that he wanted to be smart now, the computer responded, and showed him how to get to the Clock Speed Room. (Enzo the Smart)

The Read-Only Room entrance

Once Megabyte broke into the Principal Office and took control of the Core Control Chamber. Bob tried to fight him, but Glitch lost power. Bob and Dot escaped and while she was looking for weapons, Bob went to the Read-Only Room and recharged Glitch. While he was letting his Key Tool charge, Phong appeared to him as a hologram. He quickly gave Bob advice before he lost strength to keep the hologram active.

Phong and Bob learning about Code Masters

Phong was working in the Read-Only Room when the Code Master Lens arrived in Mainframe. Lens found the room, realising Phong was the city leader. He appeared before Phong and interrogated the old sprite for information concerning a Code Master named Talon. Phong was very elusive and attempted to alert others to the Code Masters presence. Lens quickly froze Phong in a file lock and left the room with him. Later Phong took Bob to the Read-Only Room to show him all the information they had on Code Masters. (High Code)

Phong, Little Enzo, Hack, and Slash in the Read-Only Room

Little Enzo became curious about Nullzilla when a Null cocoon formed around Hexadecimal. Phong gave him a DVD made by the Mainframe Strolling Players that detailed the events about the Null monster. Little Enzo was allowed to watch the DVD in the Read-Only Room with Hack and Slash. Later Phong showed up to check on the young sprite. (Cross Nodes)