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In the United Kingdom, the ReBoot series was aired by CITV funded by a company called Meridian based in the South. The season 3 airtimes from 1997 are as follows:

97-07-17 To Mend and Defend (3.1.1)

97-07-24 Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place (3.1.2)

97-07-31 Firewall (3.1.3)

97-08-07 Game Over (3.1.4)

97-08-14 Icons (3.2.1)

97-08-21 Where No Sprite Has Gone Before (3.2.2)

Below is a note from Meridian, the company that funded ReBoot for CITV:

Firstly, although we are part of a group of Broadcasters/Production companies who contribute to the funding of Reboot, we are not obliged to take all episodes. For 1997 the NWC only required 10 episodes out of the 16 being made in season III. We will however most certainly take the remaining 6 eps. if the high ratings continue. The NWC are looking to schedule the remaining four episodes of the current batch of 10 soon. Due to the fluid nature of the schedule I am afraid I cannot give you dates. Suffice to say, don't worry. We will schedule all episodes produced - eventually!" REBOOT is scheduled by the Network Centre in London for countrywide viewing. Apparently they took on 10 episodes initially (I believe there are 16 in season 3); six of which have been shown and four are to be scheduled. Our programme planners are confident that the NW Centre will also take on the final six at some time in the future.

This is a list of ReBoot episodes aired in 1998 in the UK:

98-02-12 Trust No One

98-02-19 Web World Wars

98 02 26 Firewall (3.1.3)

98-03-05 Game Over (3.1.4)

98-03-12 Icons (3.2.1)

98-03-19 Where No Sprite Has Gone Before (3.2.2)

98-03-26 Number 7 (v3.2.3)

98-04-02 The Episode With No Name (v3.2.4)

98-04-09 The Return of The Crimson Binome (v3.3.1)

Lastly, a list of ReBoot episodes unaired in the UK (As of 2007)

The Edge of Beyond

Web Riders on the Storm




System Crash

End Prog

Daemon Rising

Cross Nodes

What's Love Got To Do With It?


My Two Bobs

Life's a Glitch

Null Bot of the Bride

Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus

To Mend and Defend and Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place were never repeated. And that almost half of Season 3 (and all of Season 4) were never aired in the UK.

Meridian explained why:

Forwarded Message Follows ------- From: Office MER Duty <> Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 15:54:01 +0000 To: Subject: RE: Remaining ReBoot episodes

Hi Paul,

Regrettably the ITV Network Centre in London have dropped the rest of this series as they deem the content unsuitable.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Regards Carol

Because of this, The new movie trilogy may not be seen in UK Cinemas (Or, if they are TV movies, not on TV).

However, on petition spot there is a Petition to re-air ReBoot in the UK.